HFCS/PM allows you to  maintain financial control of your properties and at the same time we free you from the burden of common maintenance issues.If your property does not need a full time employee to maintain and preserve the physical site we will be able to  save you both headaches and capital!

HFCS/PM is a locally owned Construction and Property Maintenance company in North County San Diego.  We have been licensed and in business serving all of San Diego since 1981.

The foundation of our business lies in the fact that we believe when doing business,trust is everything.  We not only firmly believe in the Golden Rule we also strive to be strategic ,value added partners with each and every client. All of our clients can feel confident that we will strive to unerringly exceed their expectations while providing proactive solutions to  the challenges presented.

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HFCS Property Maintenence

We Offer a new paradigm in Property Management

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Hugh Foley Construction Services

Ca Lic. # 402181

Working outside the box for you

We offer our clients the opportunity to preserve their capital by letting them manage the financial side of their property investments. Rents, mortgage payments, taxes, utilities can all be more securely handled by the owner's team and we can do what we do best which is to preserve and maintain the clients property and perform or supervise any work needed to be done. We will supervise existing service contracts  such as ,landscapers, elevator maintenance,window washing etc. or negotiate new ones as needed.

We also negotiate on the owner's behalf any major repair or expansion work, service contracts and tenant improvements.

For our residential clients we  also provide inspection repair work when a sale is involved.

We never handle rents   You keep control

Our Mission Statement